Fascists massacred seven members of the Kurdish Grandparents family in Konya Meram and burned down their homes. The attackers of the same family recently said, “We are idealists, we will not keep you here”, and the killers were patted on the back by the police chief saying, “I vouch for this family.” The governor called it “a regular occurrence” and stood by the killers. The court released the killers and gave them police protection.

We know that the state carried out this massacre with all its institutions. The Konya Massacre was carried out by the state and its media for days, saying that the Kurds had burned the forests. For days, those who say kurds are burning forests have burned down the Kurdish house.

We’ll ask the murderous government to answer for the massacre in Konya. Once again, we shout: No Gateway to Fascism!

The Konya Massacre is a State Massacre! – Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (anarsistfederasyon.org)

Source: Awsm.nz