The Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (DAF) issued a statement against the Suruç Massacre case, against the state’s cover-up of the case by punishing a single person who committed the massacre, and the filing of a criminal complaint against the Suruç wounded and their families on the pretext of their speeches in the courtroom.

The State is Injustice! Suruç’s Account Will Be Asked!

On July 20, 2015, 33 anarchists and socialists lost their lives in the massacre that took place with the cooperation of the state and ISIS. Since 2015, we have always been on the streets, saying “Your Fight is Our Fight” to demand the account of the Suruç Massacre. Since 2015, we have been continuing the fight of 33 revolutionaries, who set out from all over our region in solidarity with the people of Kobane.

As of today, the Suruç Massacre case in Urfa has been closed by the state. In the massacre in which 33 revolutionaries lost their lives, an attempt was made to cover up the massacre by giving a life sentence to an ISIS member. The court filed a criminal complaint about the families of those who lost their lives in the massacre and the Suruç injured for the speeches they made in the courtroom. The Constitutional Court, in its decision announced a few days ago, found our comrades who lost their lives in the massacre “flawed”. In other words, the state once again claimed and repeated its role in the massacre, just as it did by throwing tear gas at our dead bodies and wounded people on July 20.

We have been fighting for justice in the streets for 6 years, continuing the fight of 33 revolutionaries. And we know that the state is injustice. This struggle has not recognized the courts established by those who murdered us since the first day, and it still does not today. The fight is fought in the street, the account is asked in the street. Our fight with the state that created all injustices will continue!

No Forget, No Forgiveness!

Source: Awsm.nz