November 11, 2020
From Philly Anti-Capitalist (USA)

from It’s Going Down

On Friday, November 6th, two armed men were arrested after police were tipped off that they were headed to the Philadelphia Convention Center to drop off fake ballots where votes were being tallied for the presidential election. WPVI-TV reports that, “Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Joshua Macias, 42, and Antonio Lamotta, 61, both of Chesapeake, Va., have been charged with Concealed Firearm Without a License, a third-degree felony, and Carrying a Firearm on Public Streets or Public Property, a first-degree misdemeanor. A woman was also with them, but she was not placed under arrest, officials said.”

As CNN reports, “Both men were carrying loaded handguns, and police found an AR-type rifle in the Hummer, authorities said at a news conference Friday. About 160 rounds of ammunition were found in the weapons and the vehicle, authorities said.”

The vehicle the two men were driving had a hat and window sticker with the QAnon logo indicating these men were followers of the QAnon conspiracy cult. As we’ve previously reported:

At the heart of Qanon lies the belief, inherited and passed down from past conspiracy theories, many directly stemming from anti-Semitic sources, that a shadowy collection of “Satan worshiping pedophiles” which in turn controls Hollywood, the media, the Pope, and liberal elite politicians – are all involved in ritual child human sacrifice, sex trafficking, blood drinking, and cannibalism. These elites make up the “deep state” and only Donald Trump can bring them to justice. Leaking information about this epic conflict, is an anonymous person from within the intelligence community (but somehow not the deep state) with Q level security clearance that has knowledge of this whole plot and has been leaving clues, known as “Q-drops,” on racist far-Right boards like 4chan and 8chan (because where else would a senior official do so?). Q’s followers then take the seemingly nonsensical clues, known as “crumbs,” that are posted online and try and make sense of them.

QAnon has swept the internet and communities all over the country and has inspired it’s followers into some dangerous and violent actions. The growing concern around QAnon conspiracy and it’s followers has even lead the FBI to label QAnon a domestic terror threat. Efforts by Twitter and Facebook to shut down the spread of QAnon-related disinformation has proved too little too late in many respects as the growing concern of QAnon continues to motivate it’s followers to carry out violence.