June 16, 2021
From Idavox

Scott Presler and his NJ associate Darius Mayfield might find a new venue to peddle their hatemongering in NJ, but the American Legion made it clear they want absolutely nothing to do with it, and that should send a signal to any other venue that might accommodate them!

NEW JERSEY – Events planned for Juneteenth in New Jersey by an anti-Muslim activist that has worked with neo-fascists and a congressional candidate with ties to the conspiracy group QAnon are being derailed as the two American Legion posts that were to host them closed their doors to them after learning the nature of the events.

Scott Presler, a onetime member of the anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America who in 2017 organized anti-Muslim rallies across the country that attracted White supremacists to his efforts, embarked on a tour across the country on what he has called “registration trainings” for the Republican Party that has promoted the neo-fascist America First platform first seen in the thirties in an failed attempt to prevent the United States from entering World War II. His tour was to bring him to the American Legion posts in Middlesex Boro and North Brunswick, NJ on Saturday where he would have been joined by Darius Mayfield, who in the past has worked with associates of QAnon in the state.

On Wednesday, New Jersey American Legion Department Adjutant John D. Baker confirmed to Idavox that the posts have canceled both events. Baker also addressed this matter to others who inquired about the bookings in an earlier email. “This has been taken care of,” he said in the email.  “State Leadership was informed, who then informed County Leadership, who took care of situation.”

The American Legion has had to deal with controversial matters in recent weeks, an Ohio post losing its charter after cutting the microphone off during an Memorial Day event as a retired Lt. Col. spoke about the roles of Black Americans in the origins of the holiday.

It remains to be seen if Presler and Mayfield will move to another venue. Neither have addressed the cancellation on their social platforms at the time of this posting.

Source: Idavox.com