January 24, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         Details are coming out that hospitals have been instructed not to vaccinate those without a NHS number. Suddenly a swath of health workers, foreign students and other foreigners living here are now to be left to the vagaries of this virus, and be more or less continuous spreaders. As usual, in the eyes of the state foreigners are less worthy than we special Brits. This, apart from being an unjust and inhumane policy, is a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. These individuals do live here, they do function among us, and they have to be denied the vaccine!! Will the state set up special camps to lock up all foreigners in, for fear of them spreading the virus through our special pure race Brits?

“Please leave the queue, you’re not British.”

        This inhumane, callous and barbaric policy must be shouted down by all means available, and those responsible for trying to enforce it must be brought to justice. The UK to date, is nor an apartheid state, but with policies like this it is walking along that path.

Extract from the Guardian:

        The document says that where staff do not have an NHS number “the vaccine should not be given”.
          One email sent to the hospital explicitly states that overseas nurses without NHS numbers should not be vaccinated, although those from the “devolved nations” – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – can be recorded on paper.
        The Guardian understands that some hospitals are working around the issue to ensure staff without NHS numbers are also being vaccinated but there are fears individuals could fall through the cracks.
       Staff at one hospital set up a separate system to vaccinate workers with and without NHS numbers – but were later advised not to do so and to follow the NIVS protocol instead.
      “We’ve decided that’s wrong,” said the source. “We’re vaccinating them anyway, then we’re asking them to register afterwards and we’ll put them on the system retrospectively.”

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