About 70 people came out at lunchtime on December 2 for a new rally at the walls of the Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (formerly KhISI). In the announcement of the event, 200 protesters were expected to come out; the administration of KhNUSA before its start discouraged from participation . Despite two major actions in September, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers a week ago, it was considered and decided to merge it with the Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy.

In a press release received and published by the anarchist Internet magazine “Assembly”, the reasons for the action are stated as follows:

“On November 24, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine made a decision to reorganize our home university – KNUSA – by merging it with KNUGH named after Beketov. Students and teachers of KNUSA repeatedly, loudly and reasonably expressed their strong disagreement with such an association , the intentions of which were announced at the beginning of the semester .
We believe that the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers is not only openly ignores HNUSA position regarding its own future destiny this decision is part of a large-scale campaign with the ultimate goal -. the destruction of Ukrainian architectural education and the profession of architect Another important decision on this way -. the adoption in the first reading resonant bill No. 5655, which devalues ​​the work of professional architects.
We believe that the decision of the CMU not only openly ignores the position of KNUSA regarding its own future fate. This decision is part of a large-scale campaign, the ultimate goal of which is to destroy Ukrainian architectural education and the profession of an architect. Another important decision on this path is the adoption in the first reading of the resonant bill No. 5655, which devalues ​​the work of professional architects.
However, in this difficult situation, KNUSA does not abandon its struggle! Students and teachers of the university go to the next action to openly say: the decision of the CMU will be appealed, because it is impossible to reform higher education in this way! We demand an open dialogue of all parties to the conflict, an important attitude to the position of the staff of our university, the preservation of a unique and distinctive scientific and pedagogical school.
We do not declare mourning! We keep fighting! For the sake of your own future and worthy, modern Ukrainian architecture!
Long live KHNUSA! ”

And the students are concerned about the current state of affairs really seriously:

“Good afternoon, I am a 1st year master’s student at KhNUSA, Zhuk Ivan. There were no organizers of this art performance, the idea was filled and implemented by the students themselves. Regarding the official reaction, the students came out, showed that they did not agree with the decision of the administration, and were ready to fight for the right to get a high-quality architectural education. Art performance symbolized the fact that when KNUSA joins KNUGKh, all those involved in this decision destroy not only the professional community of scientists and professionals of KNUSA, but also scientific and methodological developments erupted for years. development of the situation “.

“Our administration acted against us, because what’s the difference? We won’t be there anyway, why worry? Our union of students organized the first actions that took place in September-October, and this one was also organized by ourselves. Who could be called from creative universities, these are Affairs”.

“Many doors are open to architects from KhNUSA. Employers are willingly hiring with a diploma from my university. We have a minus – we are very proud and will not cooperate with Zhilstroy or a similar hat … unlike the agricultural sector. It is clear that all it was decided a long time ago and the money was divided among themselves, after the accession, the land will surely be sold for the construction of the next “Nikolskoe.” . KHNUSA was included in the top 5 in terms of the quality of architectural education, and where KHIIKS, even in the hundred? “

It all started like this: after the Academic Council of KNUSA in May asked the NTU “KhPI” team to join them, the decision was supported by the Academic Council there, and the two institutions submitted a collective letter to the Ministry of Education and Science with a request for unification. However, in September, Vladimir Babaev, rector of KNUGH and chairman of the Council of Rectors of Higher Educational Institutions of the Kharkiv Region, sent a letter to the Ministry of Education and Science that KNUSA should join its establishment by the decision of the Council of Rectors, where the heads of KNUSA and KhPI were absent. This caused public discontent.

What awaits the university staff in the event of the implementation of government plans – Kharkiv residents have already sorted out in detail . At the very least, this is a reduction in the teaching staff and transfer of students to a contract on a budget. “Plus, they want to squeeze our main building and make a shopping center or something else out of it. This information has been circulating around the university for a long time, I personally don’t know its origin. Babaev’s son is the director of a construction company, the area under our building is worth millions of dollars…. Since after joining KNUGH we will no longer need this building, they will buy it. Whatever one may say, it is very beneficial for Babaev, as well as for his son. He really loves to use his connections. If they do not, no one would even bother to challenge the decision of two academic councils of our accession – with his connections in the Ministry, he became prevent the adoption of decisions and engage in tug of war. ” However, in the HPI also conditions are not sugar, and recently almost happened a strike due to the reluctance of the administration to transfer classes to a distance .

By the way, at the turn of the 2000s and 2010s, the #unibrennt tag was often used in the European segment of Twitter – German. “the university is on fire” – giving the name to the unrest in many universities in Germany and Austria. The initiative originated in Vienna, where a student group took over and for a time held the main lecture hall of the University of Audimax (auditorium maximus). Soon this theme was taken up by other cities, where students from different universities sought to symbolically set fire to their alma mater. As we can see, the western trend reached our edges with a 10-year delay – but better late than never!

Can you imagine what Kharkiv will look like in another 10 years, with such and such an architectural school? Of course, development largely depends on the customer and funding. But there is a vague suspicion that with the liquidation of one of the leading educational institutions in this specialty, everything will become even sadder – and moreover, at times.

Let us remind you that earlier “Assembly” spoke in detail about how Kharkiv science is stagnating and slowly dying due to the lack of young personnel .

And a week ago, last Friday, they showed simultaneous protests of workers of “Electrotyazhmash” and the Kharkov metro because of the systematic non-payment of wages .


Source: Awsm.nz