April 16, 2021
From Solidarity Across Borders (Canada)

From 18 to 25 July, starting with a big march in Montreal, Solidarity Across Borders is organizing a march from Montreal to Ottawa for seven days, to mobilize support for a comprehensive and ongoing regularization programme for all migrants with precarious status. Trudeau, we are sick of half-measures and hand-outs like your new regularization programme! We are coming! We demand dignity, equality and justice! Status for All!

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed migrants without permanent status into ever deeper precarity while simultaneously shining a public spotlight on the place they hold in Canadian society as both essential to the capitalist economy and treated as disposable.

This march is being organized by undocumented migrants in Montreal. They carry the hopes of non-status community members across the country on their shoulders. They fight the violence of Canada’s immigration system collectively but also on a daily basis as it intrudes into their lives. Many are unable to pay rent, afford food or pay for even urgent medical needs. This is directly related to their status: they have no access to a work permit, healthcare, daycare subsidies, social assistance or any other state support. Over a year into the pandemic, the jobs available to them are few and far between, and those that do exist are hyper-exploitative.

The pan-Canadian Migrant Rights Network has taken the lead in mobilizing support across Quebec and Canada for status for all, a position echoed in recent months by Louise Arbour, the City of Montreal, and Amnistie internationale Canada francophone.

This is a moment to fight for a more just and equitable world. Migrants and refugees across Canada are courageously standing up to say they are not disposable. Their movement does not ask what is possible, it asks what is required by human dignity and justice, and what we must do to stop the destruction of the world.

We invite everyone to come march with us, whatever your status: undocumented, temporary workers, refugees, farm workers, domestic workers, foreign students … even residents and citizens. We need your support and solidarity. Together we are strong! This is everyone’s struggle.

Come march with us, from 18 to 25 July. You can march for as long as you want: an hour, a half-day or seven days. Status for all! Register here: https://forms.gle/rC8cQx6iGYsZT967A

We will take all safety measures to make sure everyone is safe. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, especially around accessibility. We want the march to be accessible to everyone.

Source: Solidarityacrossborders.org