March 30, 2021
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

The University of London Branch approved the creation of a Women’s Committee last year.

This committee is a core group of women members of the UoL Branch (IWGB) where we created this fundamental space to organize, support and develop ourselves.

This committee of the Universities of London Branch has been working and helping women members throughout this pandemic, organizing Workshops on Metal Health, Empowerment, Social Housing, cycle of violence, benefits and gender based violence. The committee also allows us to support each other to solve the problems we face.

This body has also become a place to make decisions and strategies within the branch with the objective of helping and supporting other women, which has made this committee a base of support and a single voice for all women of the branch, regardless of race, culture and religion, giving all members in this committee a fundamental role in the vision…