March 12, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Update 12 March – following a High Court ruling in London which appears to confirm the police have the powers to ban any form of protest during lockdown…organisers of this Bristol event have stated on the FB event: “Due to covid restrictions and the risk of £10,000 fines upon us an organisers, we have to postpone this vigil until covid restrictions are lifted. We will reorganise as soon as possible. If you happen to walk past College Green on your daily exercise, please lay flowers in honour of Sarah in absence of the vigil she and we all deserve.”
Exercise with family, or a member of another household, is of course allowed at any time…

Original article: The murder of a young woman in south London has triggered an outpouring of anger, hurt, and love from women across the UK – about the ways in which so many of their lives are dominated by the fear, and reality – of harassment, abuse, violence, and much worse. With prosecutions for rape & other forms of abuse at record lows, and after a year of lockdowns that have left women desperately exposed to male violence in the home, and the structural mysoginy within our society ever clearer, women are coming together to say No! Not One More Death. It is time to reclaim the streets, day and night, so that women don’t just hope they are safe, but are safe. The problem is not the women themselves, but those that target and harm them. Men, take a long hard look at yourselves, at the harm & hurt you cause to women (and indeed to other men).

This Saturday evening will see a series of gatherings/vigils around the UK – in memory of all those women killed on the streets (by men), and highlighting the recent horrific murder in London of Sarah Everard. #ReclaimTheseStreets #ReclaimTheNight #EndViolenceAgainstAllWomenAndGirls #NotOneMore (Death) #NiUnoMas

Bristol event: 6pm on College Green, BS1 – bring a candle/light; repsect physical distancing; wear a mask.
Bristol FB Event – – check for updates!

From the event:

In alignment with the vigil in Clapham, journalist Sian Norris and I have organised a vigil for Sarah Everard/Reclaim the Night at College Green, Bristol at 6pm.
Please spread the word, bring a candle/jam jar lantern (and take it home with you).
Please respect social distancing and wear a mask.
We are hoping to be able to speak and share the names of every woman killed this year already. If you have an amp/mic and speaker/or even a megaphone you can lend us, please get in touch.
We have informed the police of our gathering out of courtesy.
Spread the word and see you there! X

Note: men welcome in a respectful & supportive expression of solidarity with women. But stand back – this event focuses on women.

Useful info/support:
Somerset & Avon rape and sexual abuse support (SARSAS)
Bristol Against Violence and Abuse (BAVA)
Bristol Womens Voiceextensive list of support agencies
Justice for Women
End Violence Against Women & Girls
Centre for Women’s Justice
#Solidarity #Justice #Love

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