Egypt has finally agreed to allow the ‘Miles of Smiles’ international solidarity convoy to enter war-ravaged Gaza – one of the first such aid convoys since the Gaza Strip was severely devastated during Israel’s 11day heavy bombardment in May.

Kia Ora Gaza is one of the many organisations from over 15 countries supporting this urgent medical aid convoy.

Kiwis have generously donated $35,000 to the Kia Ora Gaza appeal to co-sponsor one of the 25 fully-equipped ambulances in the convoy, with our Freedom Flotilla Coalition partners.

Hundreds of boxes of urgently needed medical supplies and equipment have been loaded into huge trucks in Alexandria, Egypt, and are now on their way north through the volatile Sinai desert to Gaza’s Rafah crossing, as the first part of the mission.

Meanwhile the 25 convoy ambulances are in Alexandria for final preparations, and are set to depart for the besieged Gaza Strip after the Eid al-Adha holiday next week.

Convoy organisers increased the number of ambulances from 20 to 25 in response to a vast groundswell of support from around the world. Another 10 ambulances are due to arrive from Jordan via the Erez crossing.