October 4, 2020
From Philly Anti-Capitalist (USA)

***PDF is at bottom of this post***

Hello comrades! We have just learned that everyone locked up in a US prison is eligible for the $1200 stimulus check. Remember that check? The one we are all supposed to be living on months later? Anyway, it’s a lot of money for our friends, family and comrades inside… But they only have until October 15 to send in a form (1040) to the IRS.

We have to spread the news, spread the form, and help people get it out ASAP. If you know anyone inside, you can send them this PDF. We are mailing it to everyone in our network, so we’re sharing it with you all here.

What’s in this document:


-Addresses by region for the completed form.

-2 copies of the 1040, so that your contact can hand a form to someone else or make copies.

-1 copy of the 1040-SR, for anyone over 65.

If you print this front and back, you can send it with one stamp.

We are also running a phone zap this week to try and pressure PA-DOC to let everyone know that they are eligible for this check, and to provide the 1040 with postage-paid envelopes themselves. We know that they went on the prison media channels to tell everyone they were NOT eligible before this decision, and even threatened to punish people for filing.

Here are some graphics you can post on social media to help us with this zap.

Source: Phlanticap.noblogs.org