May 9, 2021
From The Free

Piazza della Carina

Yemen: On Friday, a number of martyrs and wounded were killed by US- Saudi aggressions air force targeting a gathering of participants in the International Jerusalem Day rallies in the Marib governorate.

“This crime is, according to the international humanitarian legal description included in the four Geneva Conventions and the two annexed Protocols, a war crime,” the Eye of Humanity Center stated in a statement on Thursday. ”The description does not accept interpretation or controversy, as the targets are safe civilian children.”

The statement said that international humanitarian law contains rules and principles that aim to provide protection mainly to people who are not taking part in the hostilities.

“One of the basic rules of international humanitarian law requires that care be taken to distinguish between civilians and combatants.”

The Center called for the formation of an international investigation committee into the crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition against innocent…

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