November 16, 2020
From Ears And Eyes

Below are extracts from an article published on the website North Shore Counter-Info. The complete article can be read here:

North Shore Counter-Info has received legal documents that have not yet been made public containing details about recent investigations targeting anarchists in Southern Ontario who have been engaged with Wet’suwet’en solidarity organizing in 2019 and 2020. Many of these details confirm practices of surveillance that many suspect take place, but that aren’t usually taken seriously. This includes collaboration by big tech companies, tracking devices, and long periods of active surveillance.

We can confirm the following:

  • The police sought and obtained a 492.1(1) warrant to track an individual’s location by attaching a tracing device to their vehicle.
    • This warrant was granted within 24 hours
    • This warrant would authorize the device to be in place for up to 60 days, or up to a year if it pertains to a criminal organization or terrorism (and recall that anarchists in Ontario are frequently accused of being both)