July 28, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)


        Most people will admit that the last year and a half or so during the covid19 pandemic, we have more or less followed the rules and dictate of the state. We have accepted restrictions that under different circumstances would have been resisted and labelled fascism and rightly so. Of course it is generally accepted that it was all for our own good. However, the pandemic was not handled properly, different decisions would have lead to different circumstances. How much different would it have been if it was the scientists and professional medical experts that made the decisions on how to handle the pandemic and based in the community with co-operation between those communities, with the political element taken out of the equation. After all it was a medical emergency, not a political problem, politics muddy the water considerably and opened up opportunities for the raft of abuses we have witnessed in handling contracts and the rich and powerful scratching each others backs while the state racked up a mountain of debt pouring billions into the coffers of very rich and powerful corporations, a debt that you and I will be forced to repay by means of “austerity” that translates into slashing public services, lay-offs, increase in taxes, and slashing working conditions. Now we have to be vigilant in seeing that all those restrictions, legislation and public manipulation by the state and its mouthpiece, the mainstream media are swept completely away. Let’s neuter the state and its repressive apparatus that only supports an exploitative system of greed. Screw the economy, it is just the gambling den of the rich, pampered, privileged parasites.

The following from Greece Via Act For Freedom Now: 


        So what about vaccinations?
        While the Greek state – like many other European states – is ramping up the pressure on its population to get the Covid19 vaccination, many seem to have ceded to this imposition of “making the responsible choice”. Let it be clear that we think individuals can have legitimate reasons to get the vaccination. We do not hold a moralistic judgment on getting vaccinated or not. But we keep on being reluctant. We think that the whole discourse about taking responsibility actually aims to give greater powers to the state by creating a dual society with privileges for those who comply and sanctions for those who don’t want to or cannot comply. This means a reinforcement of control and inequalities.
Believe the leaders
        We don’t think we have to dwell on this very long. We have been forced to wear masks while walking alone in a park. We have been fined for being on the street at night while the metros were overcrowded during the day. We have been insulted for sitting on the squares while the indoors work places were running at full capacity. And we have seen them cynically calculating the costs of providing extra hospital beds against shutting down parts of the economy. We have seen them opting to hire more cops while the health of people was at stake. We have seen them trying to smother any form of protest while ramming through more exploitative and oppressive policies. They have lost all credibility and they know it, the only thing they can still do is twisting our arms and blackmailing us.

Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com