May 12, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        One characteristic of all states, is that they are vindictive. They set up their theatre of a judicial system and use its many and varied pieces of legislation, backed up by their all seeing, all knowing, all powerful judges, who with their vindictive mind set, interpret those pieces of legislation to suit their own personal views, which is that the state is all powerful and can do as it wishes with the lives of its citizens. In country after country citizens languish in cells and dungeons, waiting the pontification of these self opinionated officials, who see them as lesser beings. All those caught up in the state’s fabricated illusion of justice, deserve our full solidarity and support. Our world is awash with crammed full prisons, which are the state’s main line of defence of its wealth, power and privileges. Freedom will arise from the ashes of all these prisons.

From Act For Freedom Now:

       We receive and spread:
Today, 4th May, a provincial court made public the rejection of a request for the release of the six prisoners being held in custody since 27 of February.
Judges don’t care about our comrades and friends being deprived of freedom for 67 days already, about the inconsistency of the evidence or disproportionate charges. In the face of this response we persist. We continue and will continue to give them solidarity and to demand their freedom.
        The plenary assembly of support meet as usual every Friday at 6: 30 at Ágora in Raval.
       This Saturday a gathering has been called outside the prison of Brians 1. We hope we will be many. We won’t stop until we see our comrades free!

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