February 23, 2021
From It's Going Down

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with Travis View, one of the hosts of the QAnon Anonymous Podcast, one of the leading shows that critically picks apart and examines the Qanon conspiracy from a variety of angles, using humor to talk about the far-Right movement and its growing influence.

Throughout our discussion we touch on the threat posed by Qanon as a vehicle for the mass distribution of authoritarian and fascist politics, as View argues that the end goal of the movement is to create a Trumpian dictatorship made possible by massive amounts of violence. We also talk about the origins of Qanon, its future as a current with the Republican party, the fallout from the attempted coup in DC, and much more.

We end our discussion by talking about how some people have left the Qanon cult and how social movements might begin to ‘bring people home’ after watching family and friends be sucked into far-Right Facebook groups and social media platforms. While we end our conversation with no easy answers, we hope that the questions raised will spur continue discussions about moving forward in a rapidly changing world.

More Info: Travis View on Twitter and Qanon Anonymous podcast homepage and on Twitter

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Source: Itsgoingdown.org