August 8, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          For centuries now we have had capitalist representative democracy as the model for the world, what we should note is that this is a very clever pseudonym to give it appeal, it is not representative, nor democracy, but it is capitalism. What it has produced is a world with vast swaths of the planet living in poverty and deprivation, endless wars, a ruling cabal of ruthless billionaires and a planet that is heading for ecological disaster. This only exists because of our submissive attitude to the ballot box, the vote is the establishments hand out of paracetamol to the public, it makes them feel better but does nothing to cure their ills. Isn’t time to change the way we structure our lives? Isn’t it time we brought an end to this human disaster. Let’s fashion our world on the bases of equality, justice, sustainability and humanity, free from the capitalist profit motive.

The following from Enough is Enough:

       Text from the German territory, where elections will take place in September: Who ever you vote for, we will be ungovernable! Going to the polls always means choosing the lesser of two evils. We don’t want to choose evils! 


Originally published by Indymedia DE.

         Going to the polls always means choosing the lesser of two evils. We don’t want to choose evils!
         For centuries or even millennia, we have stood up for the equality of all living things, for the freedom not to harm ourselves and others, for fraternity worldwide!
         Freedom cannot be chosen, freedom has always been the freedom of those who take it. No matter which government plays its power games, we do not let ourselves be governed!
        We don’t let ourselves be banned from saving people on the high seas any more than we let ourselves be banned from creating places where people can get access and care, regardless of their purchasing power.
         We fight for a good climate of tomorrow, so that all those who come after us have a chance to live on a planet that we are willing to protect.
        We do not ask about origin, who you are is important, where you were born is not. The nation is against us, the nationality is only a game of the rulers to divide and disempower us.
        We empower ourselves, against any authority!
        We are paramedics, authors, lawyers, musicians, workers, anarchists, educators, artists, freelancers and many more!
        The ruling conditions are against you. If you are not useful to them, you will also be sorted out hard.
        We do not vote for the tyrants and their systems, for capitalism and its destructive power, for the authoritarian state and its oppression. We vote all this out and fight for a world society without domination of people over people!
         For a world in which it is worth to live. For a future full of meaning and valuable experiences.
        No government can ever bring us freedom, we can never be absorbed in their prefabricated identity structures. Only under.
        Who ever you Vote for, we will be #ungovernable! No matter who we vote for, we will remain ungovernable!
        Join the campaign and post your actions, events and practices from the world of tomorrow under the hashtag #ungovernable

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