August 24, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         The West owes the rest of the world a profound apology and reparations, for centuries the West has invade, plundered, and pillaged territory after territory. In it earliest days the imperialists, always marauded across the planet under the false flag of bring civilisation, democracy or freedom to primitive people. As time went on the reasons for these bloody campaigns changed, it was regime change to free a persecuted people, to remove and evil dictator. Then along came the war on terror, which necessitated exporting terror to other countries, and with modern weaponry our brand of terror massively outstripped the supposed terror we were supposed to be fighting, and the bloodshed usually lasted for years. Try and grasp the amount of death and destruction we visited on the people of Vietnam, of course it was for their own good, to save them from evil. There are times of course when the various western factions fight each other as they squabble of who owns what part of the plunder planet, WW1 and WW2. The latest bloody escapade of the West “fighting terrorism” is Afghanistan, 20 years of terror and bloodshed foisted on a country, 20 years of our young being killed, maimed and in same dreadful cases suicide. All the political ballerinas will be pontificating, with a mixture of wringing hands and pointing fingers, crocodile tears and idiotic answers to what we should be doing, have done and who to blame.
        Why do we do it? Certainly not for the well-being of the ordinary people of that unfortunate country of Afghanistan. It is all about economics, a small cabal of very rich and powerful people make billions from war. Creating ever greater and more sophisticated destructive weapons, and every time one of these inhuman instruments of death and destruction is exploded, the military come running to order more. Wars reap riches to the rich and powerfu, there is always more money for war, yours and my money.
    I scribbled the following lines away back in 2001 at the start of the illegal invasion of Afghanistan. 

Listless eyes, lifeless face
motionless body with hanging limbs
carried by a mother fleeing
foreign policy’s vicious whims.

No toys, no laughter
no playing in the sun,
a short pitiful life;
an Afghan child, 2001.

No plans, no choices
no hope by any name,
collateral damage
in the big players game.

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