June 23, 2021
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On June 20th, “Squadron 421” arrived at the Bay of Bayona, Galicia, in the Spanish State aboardLa Montaña. On June 22nd, after 47 days crossing the Atlantic, the seven EZLN delegates landed in the European country amid a reception that included activists, artists, support groups of the Zapatista movement in that country, among others.

Upon their arrival they were received by a group of people with banners and some boats“with compas from rebellious Europe”who went to greet them. In addition, the Spanish Civil Guard went to “La Montaña” to do“routine checks.”

In the“Llegamos”communiqué it stated:“The European sky cries, moved. Its tears are confused with those that moisten the cheeks – tanned by the sun, sea, anguish and adrenaline – of the intrepid 421 Squadron. In their steps, in their glances, in their heartbeats, the Mayan peoples…

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