Climate change is less and less questioned evidence. Irregular weather variations no longer follow a pattern related to the climatic conditions of a region and at the poles, exposure to the greenhouse effect of the gases we emit in the atmosphere means a greater prolongation of the summer thaw. —- However, the response to this phenomenon caused by the exacerbated technological and industrial development of the neoliberal system follows a model of continuity, in which large multinationals continue to accumulate capital at the expense of the well-being of people and, above all, of impoverished countries. We are thus witnessing a shift in the growing energy source, where fossil fuels continue to maintain a market share and renewable energies are devouring territory.
Parallel to this reformulation of capitalism, tricks seem to wash away the image of these multinationals at the expense of climate change. Marketing devices that attract the goodwill of organizations that have been, or have never been, dedicated to the recovery of forests or other threatened natural systems. Thus, all those who emit greenhouse gases now use trees to justify their emissions from an environmental and even conservationist point of view. They try to convince the public that planting trees offsets greenhouse gas emissions, all because of the plants’ known ability to fix carbon dioxide to produce energy through sunlight.
In this way, we participate in face-lift campaigns of large economic corporations that consist of the organization of tree plantations, which seek to be on a large scale and resorting to organizations and activists who agree to support them, motivated by the false idea that the more trees that are planted, the more carbon dioxide will be retained. In this way, they can also appease the awareness of people who buy their “green” products by planting trees.
However, this trend increasingly accepted by society does not remain. There are numerous scientific studies that question whether tree planting can offset greenhouse gas emissions. A tree’s annual ability to fix carbon dioxide is unmatched at the rate at which fossil fuels burn, producing tons of that gas in much less time than trees can capture. Therefore, if you want to minimize the effects of climate change, you must drastically reduce emissions and preserve the planet’s forests and ecosystems in the best possible state.
In addition, plantations blessed by public opinion and supported by different governments threaten the balance and conservation of our ecosystems, whether forest or not. Thus, we observed that planting applications are not limited to the autumn-winter season, but throughout the year, whether or not it is sowing or planting time or not. We are seeing how in the months of May or June the plantations are being summoned with the bait of which they are watered. The danger of these actions is, among others, the false concept that spreads, that every season is good for planting if there is irrigation.
Furthermore, planting with the sole pretext of compensating emissions leads to the introduction of any tree species; it’s anything worth. And it’s not like that. You can’t plant any species, we all know that each one has its own ecological niche, occupying a certain space in ecosystems, and that there is a variety of them. Therefore, it is essential to recover ecosystems And on the Peninsula we have many and varied! It is essential to discard planting through planting and, in its place, to recover ecosystems, whether arboreal, shrubby, herbaceous, etc.
ARBA (Association for the Recovery of indigenous

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