October 19, 2020
From Anarchist News

via La Peste, translated by Anarchist News

One year from October 18: We continue to propagate the anarchic insurrection against power

The propagation of anarchic insurrectionary action, as a theoretical and practical proposal for liberation without leaders, bosses nor directors, has propagated in Chile and the world as a praxis of offensive action against the state and as a form of resistance and attack against all form of authority.

In Chile, with the passing of the years, the insurrectional anarchic tendency shows an anarchic approach always in continuous advance. Before the massive revolt that began on October 18, there was already an atmosphere of struggle in the streets: minority groups of action, demonstrations and days of protest that gave account of an always fertile scenario for confrontations and attacks on domination and the symbols of the capital.

Thus, throughout the recent decades an insurrectional continuity has been forged from various individuals and groups that bet on the confrontational struggle, always setting themselves apart from parties and platforms, advancing for total liberation without giving quarter, without compromising nor making pacts with power and marking an open distance with conjunctural petitionism that always ends up being suffocated when the protest has reformist limitations that only strengthen the existence of the state.

In the combative evolution of the cycle of struggle that began in mid-2000, the anarchic offensive has been generating its own history of anti-authoritarian struggle by hand, separated from the hierarchical logic of the party, the stageism of the syndicate and the authoritarianism of the vanguard group. With successes and errors, the insurgent anarchists in this territory have developed our own approaches and elements of struggle, weaving with a black thread our value, theoretical, and practical dynamics that connect us with other siblings and accomplices in the world.

Today, in a context of a generalized revolt and ample in its nuances, ideas and aims, we continue to propagate anarchy here and now against all forms of authority, with the insurrectionary horizon always aiming to intervene in reality in a multiform way and without ambiguities in the fight against the state-prison-capital.

For all this, it seems fundamental to us to revitalize the idea and anti-authoritarian action of the informal anarchic tendency. Memory is our weapon and our own experience is the terrain for experimentation to ignite the incendiary mixture of our certainties, bets and convictions materialized in the offensive against all forms of power.

Deepen our roots, prepare our ground, take care of the new shoots, harden our trunk and extend our branches and leaves so that anarchy and freedom flower, attacking the dominion despite its power and control, sabotaging its system and propagating horizontality and affinity relations far from any citizen or leftist attempt to co-opt the revolt. That is the challenge that we take on today in the current scenario of struggle.

For permanent conflict with any social order.

Neither State nor citizenism.

Neither dictatorship nor democracy.

Against all laws and constitutions.

Active solidarity with the prisoners in struggle.



Received October 18, 2020

Source: Anarchistnews.org