March 22, 2021
From Spectre Journal

A 100 percent. That’s what I mean by this has been a demonstration of us managing up. We had gotten random emails from teachers who just decided, “Hey, by the way, Caucus, I’m sorry I didn’t vote for you guys.” We’ve gotten like 10 of those emails. “You guys clearly are doing work that’s helping all the members,” or, “I had no idea what Working Educators was until you helped my school out with that work action.” It couldn’t be more obvious that the leadership is just taking cues from the Caucus on most of its business.

We came out with this Google form checklist. “Is your school safe enough? Does your school meet the Memorandum of Agreement with the district?” We sent it out, and literally 3 days later, the union came out with a facsimile survey for members. “Is your school adhering to the guidelines?” It was somehow a worse document, but basically, yeah. I mean, if we wear a purple gown on Monday, you can guarantee that Jerry Jordan [the President of PFT] is going to have the same purple gown on by the end of the week, and then say, “This is my idea.” It’s like, “Okay, weird.”

Give our union leadership ideas and they run with all of them, or half of them, or they pervert them and try them again, but they don’t have a lot of fresh ideas, quite honestly. I mean the work action itself, we were demanding, we need to go on strike on Monday and they told us “no, no, no, no, no” until finally all the members agreed with us and the leadership said, “Oh, okay, we’re going to go on strike on Monday.”