January 7, 2022
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          Every avenue should be used to get our ideas out there to the public at large. I go on about paper on the street, which I consider extremely important, but in this world of varied communications we should use them all. Serials, news-sheets, pamphlets, are wonderful weapons, but we should not forget TV (SubMedia for example) create more of our own videos, nor should we ignore radio, podcasts, now easier than ever to create, (A-Radio Berlin is just one example) these should be utilised to the utmost as prongs in our attack on this exploitative and corrupt system that tries to shackle us to subservience.

The following from A-Radio Berlin:


          At the 5th of December 2021, the queer-feminist squat Syrena in Warschau
was brutally attacked and evicted by a crowd connected to the neighbour squat, as a revenge for anti-patriarchal actions that were taken before.
        We spoke with two comrades from Syrena collective about what happened:
The recent history of queer militancy against uprising homophobia and transphobia in Poland, the background of the conflict and the attack of the 5th, the material and political consequences of the incident, and how to support feminist and anti-centralist struggle within polish and global anarchist movement.
         You’ll find the audio (to listen online or download) here:

Length: 23:04 min

       You can find other English audios as well as all issues of the monthly
anarchist show “Bad News” here: https://www.aradio-berlin.org/en/audios-2/.

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