As mentioned in her post below Tiesa entered the store on Wednesday and her interaction was filmed. She was there as a private citizen, the fact of her position on the council was brought up by Don in a snide jab about her gender transition. She can be seen backing away from Don’s approach and upon being asked to leave she promptly did so. Don couldn’t let this go though, word around town would suggest he is probably not used to being called out on his bullshit. So naturally he followed Tiesa out onto the sidewalk he apparently thinks he owns and is always littered with his junk. He asked her what her sexual organs were and his behavior was even challenged by an onlooker who was simply passing by at the time.

The transphobic sign that started this all, referencing the stale topic of Dr. Seuss and entirely misunderstanding how to end a sentence with a period.

Wednesday August 4th, 3:02PM

From Tiesa’s Facebook Page:

There is a store downtown that I used to think was pretty cool, even though the owner had some wild beliefs. But, today I learned that he put up a sign that was a direct attack on me personally as well as every trans member of our community.

So, I went down to just see if this was real and if so I was going to grab a picture and leave. The business owner had other plans which are in the videos.

We have the right to be who we are and no one gets to belittle us, ever!

#transwomen #lgbtqia #humanrights #transrightsarehumanrights

Part 1

Part 2

This post was shared with our group shortly after being posted to Tiesa’s personal page. Wednesday evening was when some local residents started suggesting and circulating calls for an action outside his shop on Saturday August 7th at 10AM. Our group reached out to the people making these suggestions to try and form a plan for what seemed like something with a potential for violence from the local reactionary right. We asked for consent in sharing the call for action on our public page and received it.

Wednesday August 4th at 6:27PM – Our original post once the decision was made internally to join the calls for actions, and consent was obtained from those originally calling for action:

🤬🤬🤬 CONTENT WARNING – Transphobia ****🚨🚨🚨JUST HAPPENED IN DOWNTOWN ABERDEEN.👇👇👇Call to action below.

🔥Our entire community is outraged at this disgusting display of hate. An attack on one is an attack on all. The video is of Don Sucher of Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop, phone number 360 970 7080, harassing a member of Aberdeen City Council and fiercely brave trans woman Tiesa Meri Meskis Aberdeen City Council over her mere existence apparently.


Saturday August 7TH at 10:00AM.

There have been grassroots calls for a protest against this individual outside of their business on Saturday.

✊We will be out to support and possibly live stream. Bring big beautiful signs carrying your message of support for our trans community. Other creative acts of resistance are always encouraged. Give Ol’ Don a ring, stop by and let him know what you think of his actions, let Google know, Yelp, Trip Advisor, whatever the hell Foursquare is… You get it. 😉

We went to bed Wednesday night thinking that, although plans should be made and contingencies planned for, the event looked like a relatively calm and certainly peaceful signholding demonstration outside the shop. Nothing crazy, just some families showing love and support to the trans folks we all know.

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Source: Chehalisrivermutualaid.noblogs.org