August 16, 2021
From Our New Classroom

Change life! Change society! These precepts mean nothing without the production of an appropriate space…New social relationships call for a new space, and vice versa. —Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space

This blog aims to be a resource for educators who desire to realize a new space within their very classrooms. The new educational space that is envisioned and fostered here is one of intelligence, creativity, justice, inclusion, courage, openness, and, perhaps most importantly, equality. It is a space, moreover, that consciously extends out into life and society.

Although I imagine a college classroom in these resources, elementary and secondary educators may find value in them as well.

Why anarchist resources? I believe that anarchism is the most adaptive, humane, intelligent, singly inclusive proposal that we, as social animals, have ever envisioned. By presenting anarchist ideas, concepts, practices, and theories, I hope to convince you of their value. My real hope, of course, is that you will try them out in your own classroom.

I welcome collaborators. Please consider publishing related material on this site. Examples might include an essay, a book review, a concrete resource strategy or exercise, a theoretical piece, something auto-biographical, something from the historical archives, literature, and so on. Even if you have only a rough idea that you’d like to work out, please contact me at

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