July 3, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

           Well Paisley’s Sma’ Shot Day passed without its bands, drums banner, flags, march and burning of the “Cork”, as I stated in a previous post, the town fathers had decided to cancel it, well, they didn’t say that in words, but did in deeds. The said it would be an online affair, which just means that it was cancelled. How do crowds march through the streets with banners, music and noise, end up in a flat bit of town and carry out the annual ceremony of burning the “Cork”, while sitting at home looking at a screen?
        However this working class struggle and victory was marked on the street in Paisley by a small group of die-hard working class warriors. The “Cork” turned up, with his ill gotten money sticking out of his hat, pockets and sleeves, but wasn’t burnt on this occasion, literature was handed out, but the weather decided not to be on their side and it poured buckets. Undeterred the event went ahead, the stall, the “Cork” and leaflets, explaining about the Sma’ Shot Day and the Radical Paisley got distributed. If you missed the event, enjoy the photos.


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