September 28, 2021
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

What do we do, as anarchists, when “the youths are on fire,” as this tag on the prominent landmark, the Cartier monument at the foot of Mont Royal in Montreal, asserted last Friday of the some 15,000 mostly young people assembled for a (yes, boring) climate march?

In this case, like similar ones in other cities, we often think it’s useless to do anything. As a friend here told me after, one of the few explicit anarchist groups sent a note to its e-list that it was pointless to go, yet it would be there anyway (which translated into a too-small contingent holding one of the few banners with a systemic critique).

This isn’t a new problem. If one is an anarchist long enough, it gets exhausting to go to largely purposeless or tepid marches, not to mention continually feeling like we’re starting from square 1 over and over. And…