January 19, 2022
From Idavox

A Skrewdriver bass player, a Proud Boy and a racist author walk into a bar in Hell. Bartender says, “Things are looking up in 2022 and so are you three!”

Over the past two weeks a number of well-known hatemongers had passed away, notably a Skrewdriver bass player, a reputed Proud Boy and an author that was supposed to speak at the 2021 American Renaissance Conference.

On New Year’s Day, it was reported on various social media outlets that Merv Shields, a British musician who played in several neo-Nazi bands, reportedly died of Covid-19, according to social media reports. Shields, 59, joined Skrewdriver in 1986 and stayed with them for three years, appearing on two of their albums. In a 2011 interview he notes he left the band after they were chased out of London, with lead singer Ian Stuart Donaldson relocating the band to Derbyshire, UK which cost not only the band it’s following but members who could not find the time to make it to gigs. “Ian had moved the Skrewdriver concept up to Derbyshire which I agree whole-heartedly with because of all the hassle he was getting in London,” Shields said. “But the core fan-base was always in London and the home counties and a lot of true believers thought that this was a cop out. Also John, Ross and I were still based in London as were most of the Security. Gigs started being staged in Derbyshire, Nottingham shire etc…And as most of us were working and gigs up north tended to be mid-week it took a toll on taking a Wednesday off plus a Thursday to recover.”  Before he joined Skrewdriver, Shields also played with Brutal Attack.

On Jan. 8, Sheriff deputies in Johnston County, North Carolina were called to the home around 5 p.m. on after neighbors reported seeing a man outside with a gun outside a home in the town of Garner, according to news reports. When they arrived, the man went back inside, and a short time later a fire started that engulfed the home. The man’s body was found and he was later identified as Proud Boy Chadwick Seagraves, who attempted to dox and harass activists and LGBTQ persons whom he declared as being antifa, including one person who was a student at the North Carolina State University where after of a doxing against him it was discovered he was and employee in the school’s IT department. He became the focus of a campaign to call on the University to fire him but citing insufficient evidence however, the university refused to proceed with any disciplinary actions against Seagraves. Ironically, fire investigators announced his death on January 10, just a day short of the two-year anniversary of the university statement.

That particularly was also the day that racist author Colin Flaherty lost his battle with cancer at the age of 66 at his home in Wilmington, Delaware. Flaherty became a favorite amongst White supremacists due to his 2012 book White Girl Bleed A Lot, where he attempted to push their usual narrative of Black people being a criminal class. Promotion of this and other books included praise from Black conservatives who are also known for attacking the Black community such as Thomas Sowell and Larry Elder. Amazon pulled his books from its platform and he lost his YouTube, Facebook and PayPal accounts, but still maintained his Twitter account. He was also scheduled to speak at the last American Renaissance Conference, but had to pull out because he was too ill.

Source: Idavox.com