November 1, 2020
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          Lock-down, partial lock-down, half lock-down, tiered lock-down regional lock-down, all shaped to try to keep you going to work, all those who can’t work stay in your cell and don’t socialise. There is an attempt to stop this virus but not at the expense of the economy. The economy must be protected at all costs, and that cost is billions of pounds of taxpayers money being pour into the coffers of big business, and continual spikes in deaths. As the various fiddling with measures give the impression that our lords and masters are working for your benefit. However we have the farcical “test and trace”, billions handed to corporate buddies and the result a scheme that is laughable if it were not so tragic. It’s safe to go to work on public transport, but not safe to go on public transport to visit your granny, one helps the economy, the other doesn’t. You can mix with strangers in a cafe, at a distance, but can’t visit your neighbours or your family down the road, again one helps the economy, the other doesn’t. Of course they will give you the “science” behind these decisions, but science like anything else has a variety of avenues, and there are several scientific views on these matters. Our lords and masters will pick the one that suits them, and interpret it according to their desires, which is, save the economy.
          Covid19 is a virus that spreads by close contact, it doesn’t select those that mix socially rather than those obliged to mix to keep the economy going. As long as the plan is to keep getting people out to work, rather than the number one priority being save people’s lives, we will see continual decreases and spikes. Sadly these rather innocent sounding terms and simple graphs, “spikes” and “hospital admissions” refer to human beings, members of families being struck down by a very serious and debilitating disease, and in some cases death. No economy is worth that cost. Why should you be the one to risk you and your family’s health for the benefit of “the economy”, remember as a worker mixing with others in what could be described as rather dubious conditions, go home and take what infections you may have picked up back with you. Who benefits most from you risking you and your family’s health, you or your employer? 

         Let’s screw the economy and look after each other. We can use this pandemic to change the structure of society by building on mutual aid and seeing that anything that is necessary for the well being of the public is taken into public ownership and run by the communities on a non-profit basis. We don’t need fat profits, greedy CEO and other members of the parasite class. Why risk your and your family’s health and well-being to keep the tills of a coterie of parasites ringing, so that they can live in the sort of luxury they think they deserve. Our new normal that sees to the needs of all our people, is what we should be aiming for, not a return to their exploitation and profit driven greed economy normal.