November 20, 2020
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

There’s been a whole lot going on the last few weeks, and it’ll take me a while to catch up with it all, so I’m breaking it up into a few themed round-ups. There have also been certain news stories that have happened in recent weeks that I won’t be covering here, but you can find plenty of coverage of those elsewhere.

To start off with, a quick overview of a few recent developments in work/union news:

The IWGB and UVW base/grassroots unions have both been busy in recent weeks. Cleaners at the University of London organised through the IWGB have won a major victory by being brought back in-house after a lengthy campaign. Over at the University of Greenwich, security officers organised through the IWGB have entered into dispute with Sodexho over a number of issues, including the suspension of one of their members and treatment that they