November 28, 2020
From Subversion 1312

During this sedition of Subversion #1312 we are joined in the studio by members of Brisbane’s all abilities, all inclusive Whoopee-Do Crew.

Tom Smith created the Whoopee-Do Crew and it combines his passion for music and caring for people.

Tom and Nigel join us to share their stories because the Crew are launching their debut album All The People Cheer Me Up. Surprise is too that Colin Young our co-host is also in the Whoopee-Do Crew.

Tune in to find out about this grassroots initiative which gives people in the community a sense of belonging and creative outlet.

Also Bad Cop No Donut and some reflections on borders inspired by news that there is a quasi border close to where this show is recorded.

That being an Australian Border Force alternative place of detention at Kangaroo Point Central Hotel Brisbane. There’s a musicians and community rally on Saturday Feb 29.


Whoopee-Do Crew                 Pensioner With Dementia

Negativland                            Christanity is Stupid

The Boy of Many Colours       Hungry

Whoopee-do Crew                  Galiath is Dead

Whoopee-do Crew                  All The People Cheer Me Up

Whoopee-Do Crew                  Consumate Lady

Violent Soho                             Lying On The Floor

Tom and the Whoopee-do Crew at West End for Songs Not Bombs