November 28, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

This weekend saw a range of coordinated protests against the corporate behemoth that is Amazon. The accusations levelled against the company are huge; not paying a fair share of taxes, mistreating workers, union-busting, using its power as unfair competition and more. However, perhaps the most globally consequential one of the role of the company in helping drives us towards climate chaos. So while the company has been publicly saying positive things on climate, behind closed doors it is a different story;

Some of America’s most prominent companies, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney, are backing business groups that are fighting landmark climate legislation, despite their own promises to combat the climate crisis, a new analysis has found. A clutch of corporate lobby groups and organizations have mobilized to oppose the proposed $3.5tn budget bill put forward by Democrats, which contains unprecedented measures to drive down planet-heating gases. The reconciliation bill has been called the “the most significant climate action in our country’s history” by Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the US Senate.

Which is just part of the story of Amazon and climate;

Critics have also pointed out that Amazon’s commitment is seriously undermined by the company’s continuing sale of AI technologies to Shell, BP and others for ongoing fossil fuel extraction.

So the people of Bristol XR, indeed XR groups all over the UK began a series of protests against the company to coincide with ‘Black Friday’ – the day Amazon runs high profile sales.

And if the protests inspire you and/or you want to take action – then you can join in!