XVII Militant Seminar: Anarchism and bureaucratic socialism

From October 28 to December 2

Every Thursday 6:00 pm

Facebook live

In 2021, two significant anniversaries for contemporary history converge, especially valuable for socialist currents, on the one hand, it commemorates 100 years of the uprising of the Kronsdat sailors, on March 1, 1921, against the dictatorship of the Bolshevik party and for the restoration of freedom within the soviets and, on the other, the 30 years of the formal dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), on December 25, 1991, and the restoration of capitalism in the territory of the former empire Russian.

Both events are strongly related to the development of bureaucratic socialism, also called historical or “real” by observers, where the importance of Russia was fundamental. The double anniversary contains the paradox of a Soviet experience, on the one hand, emptied of its fundamental contents as already denounced by the Petrograd workers and the sailors of the Baltic fleet in 1921 and, on the other, converted into the fundamental myth of a new order. The bureaucratic social system, which after a short century of existence, came to an end amid the massive betrayal of its former ruling class and the development of popular revolutions led by the capitalists that culminated in 1991.

As Grupo Libertario Vía Libre we want to contribute, from an anarchist perspective, to the understanding of the conceptual and historical phenomenon of bureaucratic socialism, from a critical and overcoming vision, which explains the development of revolutionary and liberating dynamics, its authoritarian blockade, and finally the crisis and the reorganization of these societies.


1. Overview (October 28)

2. The Soviet Union (November 4)

3. Eastern Europe (November 11)

4. The People’s Republic of China (November 18)

5. East Asia (Tuesday, November 23)

6. Cuba (December 2)

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