October 20, 2020
From SlackBastard

On this week’s episode of Yeah Nah, we talk to Hannah Gais [Twitter] about Russia and busy laundries. Hannah is a senior researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center, journalist and contributor to numerous publications including The Baffler, Jewish Currents and the New Republic.

See also : How Kevin DeAnna Orchestrated the Alt-Right’s Approach to Conservative Institutions, Hatewatch (SPLC), March 3, 2020 | In Search of the Russian Soul: How Russia Became the U.S. Far Right’s Mirror, Political Research Associates, October 11, 2019.

*Please note that the podcast version of this episode [Apple, Spotify] contains a longer conversation with Hannah.

4.30pm, Thursday, October 22, 2020 /// 3CR /// 855AM / streaming live on the 3CR website

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