November 30, 2020
From SlackBastard

As part of 3CR’s special broadcast ‘Imagining Disability Justice’ for the International Day of People with a Disability, on this week’s episode of Yeah Nah, we talk to Zvi Dav of Autism Against Fascism:

The primary purpose of Autism Against Fascism (AAF) is to study and disrupt autistic involvement in white nationalist movements … AAF is the only project of its kind. When researchers on fascism are asked about this topic they tend to offer explanations based on a kind of unique autistic pathology rather than exploring the social forces which affect autistic people. This is despite the fact that most autistic people reject fascist ideologies. Autistic people, whether we are part of these dangerous white nationalist groups or fighting against these groups, deserve to be understood as real people with the capacity to make decisions, not victims of a pathology.

~~~ Please note that this week’s episode goes to air at 4.50pm ~~~

See also : Are autistic people at greater risk of being radicalised?, Clare Allely, The Conversation, June 22, 2017.

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