May 11, 2021
From SlackBastard

On this week’s episode of Yeah Nah, we talk to Shannon E. Reid [Twitter], an Associate Professor at UNC Charlotte. Shannon is the co-author (with Matthew Valasik) of Alt-Right Gangs: A Hazy Shade of White (University of California Press, 2020):

Alt-Right Gangs: A Hazy Shade of White is the first text to conceptualize Alt-Right youth groups and situate their existence within the framework of street gangs. As gang researchers, guided by our interdisciplinary training, we synthesize research across an array of academic literature including criminology, sociology, communication studies, social movements, political science, history, cultural studies, religious studies, and computer science to stress the necessity to deal with Alt-Right gangs seriously and refrain from disregarding these groups as an extremist subculture or youthful phase.

4.30pm, Thursday, May 6, 2021 /// 3CR /// 855AM / streaming live on the 3CR website

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