November 26, 2020
From Prison Abolition

Our friends at Community Action on Prison Expansion are calling for a year of action against prison expansion in 2019:

We are asking for groups and individuals to take action in the struggle to stop prison expansion. The British Government are in the middle of a £1.3 billion ‘Prison Estates Transformation Programme’ where they aim to create 10,000 more prison places. Three of the mega-prisons have been successfully resisted and abandoned, however, three large projects remain. These include:

  • WELLINGBOROUGH: A new mega-prison in Wellingborough for 1600 people built by the Kier Group. After several delays, construction began this winter.
  • LEICESTERSHIRE: A new mega-prison in Leicestershire at the site of HMP Glen Parva that will also lock up 1600 people. Construction began this winter and is being led by Interserve.
  • EAST YORKSHIRE: A new mega-prison in East Yorkshire that has now been supersized from 1000 to 1600 people. This project is still in the planning stages and as many objections as possible are needed to slow the project down.

The Government is also planning to build six new ‘community prisons’ now called ‘residential centres’ for women. In addition, they plan to build one new mega-capacity single detention centre following the expansion of Heathrow Airport. Not forgetting, their oppressive projects abroad including a new prison wing in Nigeria.

In Scotland, the State are planning to build a new mega-prison in Glasgow, as well as a new prison in the Highlands and a series of small women’s prisons across the country. They are also exploring plans to build a prison for people of non-binary gender.

2019 will also birth a new network of Children’s prisons, labelled ‘secure schools’, with the first out for tender this spring.

Prisons are places of harm and suffering that target the most oppressed and marginalised in society. Stopping these projects means life or death for those who will die in their walls from suicide or neglect. They solve no social problems and only perpetuate poverty, class inequality, racism, sexism, transphobia, and xenophobia.

This year of action aims to escalate resistance to these projects. We ask that autonomous groups and individuals feel inspired to take their own action against the prison profiteers. We encourage the establishment of local groups and the involvement of existing groups to build power to put a halt to these projects and fight the prison society that has enabled them.

GET INVOLVED! On our website you can find more information about these projects, the companies building them and more about what you can do!