April 1, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

       I sympathise with all those addicted to gambling and those who find themselves in debt because of it. Even those who do their wee bet on this and that they should perhaps look at how there money funds unbridled greed. Taking one example, Bet365, part owned by Denise Coates, she worked so hard at getting her hands on your money that she “earned” an salary of £421 million to year ending March 29th.. Of course there are other little benefits in being CEO and a shareholder as a shareholder she also earned a nice little dividend of £48 million, bring her total income for the year from her wee bookies business to a nice tidy sum of £469 million. Of course the establishment love her, hence the title Denise Coates CBE, honours for greed and plundering. How hard would you have to work to earn that sort of pay packet?

         This shows up the inherent greed built into this capitalist system when this sort of thing is applauded by the the greed driven corporate gurus. Even if you say that there is nothing wrong with a wee bet, perhaps the betting business should be owned by the community and that £469 million could be ploughed back into the community, and likewise with all the other betting businesses being run on the same basis. Of course in a truly just and fair moneyless society the urge and imagined need to bet would appear ridiculous. In the mean time, the pundits of this society start salivating at the mouth at the mere thought of plundering the poor and getting their hands on that sort of money, no matter the cost to others. In capitalism greed reigns supreme.

Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com