December 27, 2020
From Radical Guide

Feral Crust, a small DIY autonomous collective based in Davao, Philippines is raising money for a small truck/minicab for their land project.  If you can contribute, thank you and please help share the information.

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About the Project

We are Feral Crust, a small DIY autonomous collective based in Davao, Philippines.

We have a small land-based project in the wilderness of Marilog, Davao. We strive to implement ideas and practices related to permaculture, rewilding and nature restoration/conservation.

For now, as things progresses within our current site- and with on-going house #2 construction (for visiting volunteers, friends and local community) and other stuff, we are feeling the necessity to have a minicab/small truck useful to move things around from places to places in the woods and between the city and countryside(land project).

Our land project is 1 and a half hour away from the city by car.

With regard to these matter, we are seeking to get a minicab/small truck to transport necessary materials and items intended for land project purposes and development (initially for carrying logs, bamboo, horticultural inputs, etc) and for other transportation needs related to current projects and activities we wanted to pursue and continue- such as running a local community/social center, cooking a meal/free food distribution to people and for rescuing animals.

Moreover, we could easily bring our friends, families, local allies and network in the wilderness especially at these times of pandemic where nature immersion could be of great help to many people to enhance well-being (mentally, physically and spiritually) by having direct experience and relationship with nature and land based.

We believe that having a deep connection to a place/nature is a truly an awesome path that we can take- to liberate from the stressors of life, to have a sense of place and awareness about ecology and to work towards ecological protection as we are all part of nature.

Should you able to support us with any donation or could also invite your friends to support us with our crowd funding campaign, we really appreciate and thankful.

The local cost of minicab/small truck is Php180,000 ( 3,709 US Dollars).

We are hoping for your kind consideration and to the many other generous folks across the land, seas and oceans who may able to assist us with fundraising for the minicab/small truck that we could use for our land project.

Much love and gratitude


Feral Crust Collective

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