January 24, 2021
From Bure Bure Bure

[Zad of Arlon] Threat of eviction on January 26, 2021

For over a year, a parcel of land has been pulled out of concrete. The former Schoppach sandpit, where wild animals and plants coexisted with Sunday walks, is threatened by a zoning project for businesses including offices and parking lots; and has been so since it was bought from the commune by the IDELUX-AIVE intermunicipal association.

People then decided to take this wood in order to defend it against this threat, answering a call from local residents desperate for lack of attention paid to their voices. This year was an opportunity to make another turning point in the fight «for the climate» by making it take a real ecological and social turn; from the occupation of the roundabouts by the yellow vests to the occupation of a wood by the zadists. Thus, the treehouses allowed the bird calls to be heard.

During one year, in winter, police and mafia threats did not succeed in deteriorating the spirits of the Zablière’s occupants [translator note : contraction of ZAD and Sablière], not even a few slanderous opponents. From this resistance momentum were born direct defense actions, a book of photos and poetry, a movie, a liberated university, friendships and a lot of other things impossible to describe without living them.

A political-police pressure (we are aware of the pleonasm) that tipped Arlon into a state of siege on November 29, 2019, has already shown us the means they are ready to put into the repression of the zone. The events of last January 13 in Brussels prove us that the violent and organized defense of the old world is ready for war. They are not bloodthirsty madmen, but beings of reason who have understood that in an ideology’s defense, the end justifies ALL the means.

This piece of forest is today threatened by the criminal association which is trying to take back what it considers to be its rights. Let us oppose him the right to life and democracy.


Sign the petition : Contre la destruction de la Sablière d’Arlon, sa faune et sa flore.
Access and info (in french) : https://zabliere.noblogs.org/acces/


Source: Bureburebure.info