April 29, 2021
From Rose City Counter-Info (USA)

“A little while ago, we came across Troublemakers Guide to Rose
City, a zine full of ways to sabotage the system that kills and breaks
us. With no digital version available, and the information within
somewhat lacking, we took it upon ourselves to make
Troublemakers Guide to Rose City #2, Sabotaging Everyday Life.

Direct action, propaganda by the deed, sabotage— all a beautiful
anarchist tradition. These ideas can be daunting if you just think of
explosives or arson, and other large acts of destruction. While
sabotage can mean setting the whole Leviathanic machine on fire,
it can also mean putting sand in its gears in place of oil. We’ve
compiled simple, fun and effective ways to put trouble and
sabotage into everyday life in the City of Roses in hopes of making
these words less daunting and giving you the knowledge you need
to express your discontent with this world and its laws.”

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Source: Rosecitycounterinfo.noblogs.org